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Summer in review as seen through one container


The last day of summer came and went in the most depressing way possible: with an all-day downpour that kept me out of the garden. This summer-loving gardener is not pleased.

It is my sincere hope that we have a lot more summerlike weather ahead because as usual, it feels like summer has absolutely flown by. I am in no way mentally prepared for autumn and certainly not for what comes after that. 

But looking back at where the garden was in June, it hardly seems possibly that just a little over three months have passed. 

Just take a look at how the urn in the center of the garden changed. Oh, by the way, this was a container I didn’t plan, unlike almost every other container I plant. I knew I’d use the Colocasia ‘Distant Memory’ in the center, but that’s it. It became my favorite planting of the year.

Rounding out the planting was Supercal petunia ‘Cinnamon’ (pay attention to how the color changed throughout the summer), a verbena whose name I’ve forgotten, Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Jet Black sweet potato vine, an orange coleus and creeping jenny (dug from the garden).

July 26
August 11

September 20

If I was to make this container again I’d find a darker purple verbena (and hope that it stood up to the competition. And if there’s one takeaway from this, it’s that I should use coleus more often than I do. It’s still looking so great.

May summer continue!

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9 Responses

    1. If I recall, it’s 26 inches wide at the mouth and maybe two feet tall or so. I got it from Wayfair. But I noticed in spring that it was developing a crack where the urn part meets the base, less than a year after I got it. I have it sitting on a “pedestal” that is really a cheap Target planter with a wood board on top.

      1. Thank you. I also have a pedestal urn with top currently balanced on base. I’ve had it at least 10 years so I can’t complain. I may copy your beautiful planting next year with minor change. I think my urn is only @18” in diameter and shady enough for those plants to do well. Love your garden. I’m in zone 6…northern Virginia.

  1. Be grateful for your 4 seasons. I was born and raised in the west burbs of Cook County. Because of the military, have lived my adult life mostly in the southeast. This year we had 2 time frames of +21 days with ZERO precip and long standing temps hotter than Hades. I vicariously “garden” through your IG page while I view our crispy brown 17 acres. The grass is not always greener on the other side – pun intended ;P

  2. Hi Erin! Did you buy your Colocasia ‘Distant Memory’ from an online retailer? I’m having a hard time finding it near me in Indiana. So happy spring is finally here (even if it will be 30F on Saturday!).

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