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Planted some of these this weekend


That’s ivory queen allium, and I don’t think it grows in a cute little bunch like that. They are shorties, so I made sure to put them right in front, and I only got three of them (they aren’t cheap) so I clumped them all together although at right this moment I couldn’t tell you WHERE I put them. I threw in about 150 bulbs (daffodils and alliums … no need to plant rabbit food around here) the last two weekend. I still have 75 drumstick alliums to stick here and there, but I think I’m done with bulbs after that. The real fun comes in about seven months when things start showing their face and either get one of those “A ha” moments when I remember where I put things or one of those “What the hell?” moments when I wonder what possessed me to think that was a good spot to plant them.

I also planted these:

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  1. Bulbs like alliums and daffodils are so easy that you don't need to be a gardener! It's pretty much as simple as stick it in the ground with the pointy end up and wait a few months! Hard to get it wrong (although I have to admit that once I planted a whole bunch of daffs upside down. Whoops.)

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