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Petal perfection


I know I go on and on about hydrangeas, and particularly Limelight, but I simply can’t help myself.
I mean look at how many petals are simply packed into this flower.
And the blooms on my older Limelight are enormous! Of course all I have for scale is my hand, so here’s a picture of me feeling up my hydrangea blooms. Awkward.
The blooms on the new Limelights that I planted by the deck are significantly smaller, which is not surprising, but are also much whiter, although I’m wondering if that has more to do with exposure than age.

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  1. Beautiful! The color of the blooms is so unique…not a color you find much in the plant world, but very cool! Kind of reminds me of those light green zinnias….the pic of you holding the hydrangea is too funny!

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