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It’s an amazing time in the garden. Plants seem to be growing with reckless abandon and we are at that stage when things look lush but not overgrown. Every day something new is flowering, but plants still aren’t battered by hot sun or too much slug damage, although with the amount of rain we’ve had it won’t be long before they are as big as toads.

The circle garden is all planted and is really starting to come together.

Thanks to many, many hours in the garden last weekend, much of it is looking pretty good, but there are a few areas still waiting for their primary clean out and I hope to get to that later in the weekend.

It’s nice though, because this is a lovely little sweet spot in early summer.

How’s your garden this week?

I never noticed how blue this part of the garden was untilI took these pictures. I like it.

The Blue Kazoo Spireas are blooming and the blossoms are some of my favorite flowers. They are  delicate,  almost lacelike, and then they get sort of fuzzy looking as they open more.
The climbing hydrangea is just starting to bloom. It’s looking great this year, certainly in part because of the mass amounts of rain we’ve had.

Already the planters are growing in nicely.

Oso Easy Parika rose is in full bloom and is one of those plants that calls you from across the garden.

The skinny patio bed is starting to fill in nicely.

My first herbaceous peonies bloomed this week. I know the whole world had peonies weeks ago, but here they are just starting.

Tuff stuff hydrangea is just blooming its head off. I’m so impressed with this plant.
This isn’t at my house, but I had to share this picture of my mom’s amazing fringe tree.

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  1. Your climbing hydrangea looks incredible! I just planted one this spring. We'll see if it can flourish in my sandy soil. I am also impressed with your Oso Easy rose…I need to find room for one or two of those! It is a little hard to tell from the photo, but does that Blue Kazoo spirea actually have blue flowers? Your gardens are looking lovely. You've worked hard to get them to that way!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I didn't know there was a blue spirea. How interesting. I have never seen that available around here. Something I would like to have. Your garden does look lush. Isn't it amazing what a good rainy spring will do for your garden. Too bad about the rabbits etc. I have the rotten rascals in the garden too. My poor garden is parched. I have watered more than I ever have had to this month. June is usually one of our wettest months. Kind of scary what with July and August yet to come. Maybe the months will be mixed up. Today we are supposed to get some rain. I am looking forward to it. Isn't it funny how when we look a photos of our garden we see things we don't take time for in real time. Sometimes we need to just slow down and take it all in. Difficult to do this time of year. Your Mom's fringe tree is gorgeous.

  3. I agree, this has been a perfect season for our gardens and lawns. We re-landscaped our entire lawn and all our beds last fall. All my beds are new this year, but even they are looking great. Everything is small, but like you have said with yours, they are filling in nicely. My only challenge have been the critters – deer, rabbits and squirrels. I never knew squirrels ate flowers until I watched them do it!

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