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Great gifts for gardeners


I’ve partnered with Garrett Wade to create a custom gift guide from their selection of high-quality tools, gear and accessories. I received some products to review to better inform my list (you know I’d never recommend something I didn’t really like) and compensation for my time.

If there was ever a year that called for special gifts for those we love, this is it. Generic just won’t do. I love giving gifts that are practical but aren’t something a person is likely to buy for themself. I want to surprise them with something they definitely need but didn’t know they needed.

This collection of gifts from Garrett Wade consists of things I’d both love to give and love to receive. Some are entirely practical, but so great they rise to gift level, and others are special items you won’t find anywhere else. 

Here’s a rundown of some of my favorite items. You can shop the entire collection on Garrett Wade’s site here.


copper watering can

Houseplant fanatics will love this copper and brass indoor watering can. It has a thin spout that helps direct water to specific a specific spot, making it perfect for delicate watering jobs. Frankly I just like that it’s pretty enough to leave out as decor when its not in use. 


tool and seed organizer

This bamboo carryall is the epitome of garden organization. One side has slots for seed packets and the other is open to put in all your tools that you’ll need for planting. I love the idea of packing up everything you need for planting in one crate instead of lugging things to the garden helter skelter. 


tool bagSpeaking of organization, I’ve gotten more use out of this leather tool bag than anything else in my garden this year. I love the fact that it is open on top so I can toss in whatever I need for the day, and whatever I pick up along the way, including the occasional squash. I’ve even started using it as a grab-and-g0 camera bag. The limited edition version in a blue-black color is particularly great looking. It’s a special gift for a special person.


harvest knife

This little harvesting knife is just the handiest thing. Not only do I use it for actual harvesting, but it also is great for cutting back plants in the garden (something I talked about in a recent video). It comes with a nice little sheath, which is very much needed given the nice, sharp blade.


line marking set

I have a way of falling in love with both techy gadgets and really simple tools. This beech line marking set satisfies the latter and helps me channel my inner Monty Don, all while making sure that my rows don’t go askew. The beech stakes are bigger than you might think, about 14 inches tall and very substantial. It comes with roll of sturdy twine for marking long and short rows.


aquaculture vaseIf you know a person who is constantly starting snippets of this and that on the kitchen windowsill, these aquaculture vases (available in two sizes) are the perfect gift. Handy, clever and beautiful. How can you beat that?



wind chime 2

I love wind chimes. Mr. Much More Patient doesn’t. But these pretty bells have a lovely, soft tone that is not something that will keep you up at night. I hung these on a tree along our path to the garage, where I’ll hear their tinkling every morning and every night. And a little bonus that I’ve discovered throughout the years: wind chimes help keep deer away from an area.


 galvanized baskeg

These galvanized harvesting baskets are made in France and have a beautiful, comfortable-to-hold wooden handle. But being pretty is just a side benefit to the the best part: you can just wash veggies in the basket and all the dirt will run right out. I’m using the small version here and it makes me feel like a proper gardener.



Unless you know exactly what someone is looking for in their daily-carry hand pruners, I don’t think it’s a good idea to give them as gifts. To me, hand pruners are the most personal tool. They have to fit your hand right and feel good to use. But more and more I find myself using a small hand pruner. Honestly, most of what I use my regular hand pruner for is deadheading, harvesting and picking flowers, for which a regular pruner is really overkill. 

This small bypass pruner has something that I’ve never seen before: a perfect little hand rest that fits between your thumb and forefinger, making these small, pocketable pruners feel like an extension of your hand. This is one of those tools that most gardeners won’t realize the need until they have them. 


 bottle opener

I’ll keep this one simple: Gardeners work hard. Give them a little something to make it easier for them to sit back at the end of the day and enjoy looking over all their hard work. This bottle opener is brass, tough as nails, and yes, mounted on a post right on our deck so a cold brew is never far away.

I have even more gift picks over at Garrett Wade, so check them all out there

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7 Responses

  1. Hi Erin – I love Garrett Wade and have been buying from them since I started my super small landscaping business 5 years ago. The things I have from them are PERFECTION – beautifully crafted to last. So glad to see the ones you’ve featured that I never noticed before. I can definitely use the copper watering can and that small pruner looks very cool. Thanks!!

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