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I am a sucker for new plants. I’m also a sucker for old, tried-and-true varieties, but there is something fun about checking out all the latest and greatest that will be hitting garden centers this year. I’m doing a little series on some of the new plants I’m most excited about this year and I’m kicking it off with annuals. 

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1. Bidens Campfire: I will admit that when Proven Winners sent me this plant last summer to trial, I was less excited about this one than any other. I didn’t love the colors, for one, and I wasn’t sure about the smaller flowers. It probably ended up being my favorite of the new things I grew last year. It bloomed its head off from June until early October and was a lovely little charmer. I’m completely sold on it.

2. Supertunia Latte: This petunia doesn’t do a lot for me on it’s own, but I think it will be one of those stunning plants that really makes a container design and make the other plants shine.

3. Verbena bonariensis Meteor Shower: Of all the new plants I’m looking forward to growing, this is my No. 1 must have. I also received this plant to trial last year and my love for it is borderline inappropriate. It’s much shorter than the usual Verbena bonariensis, so it is perhaps a little easier to use in containers. The information says it’s less prolific as far as reseeding goes, which isn’t really a good thing as far as I’m concerned because I want more, more, more. Jack Barnwell used this dotted throughout the borders at the Hotel Iroquois garden last summer and the effect was stunning.

4. Pansy Cool Wave Lemon Surprise: I find myself more and more attracted to pansies and this was seems like quite the charmer. It’s a nice, soft lemon yellow and every so often a blue-purple bloom pops up.

5. Sedum Lemon Coral: I’m not sure why this is listed as new this year, but I have grown it for two years and it’s a must-have for me. I’ve grown it both in containers and in the ground and it thrives in both places. You don’t need to do anything for this plant. Put it in, water it when you water other stuff and stand back.

6. Zinnia Uptown Frosted Strawberry: This zinnia, which are easy to grow by nature, looks more like a dahlia than a zinnia to me. I love the ombre colors.

What new annuals do you have your eye on this year?

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  1. It's always fun to see what's new. The Petunia is really cool. I would love to see it with another really dark flower or foliage with something bright like maybe a chartreuse color, sweet potato vine?

  2. I have to be honest and tell you that I really don't grow annuals other than in containers. So my eye is drawn to the verbena and petunia. I think those two together alone would make a great container. I also love these posts!

    1. I first grew it two years ago and saw no signs of reseeding the following spring. I went out and bought an entire flat of it (I do love it) and by late June I noticed seedlings all over the place. I weeded out many of them, but the ones I left were very late to flower, so even if they do reseed, I'm not sure that's a viable option up here in the cold north.

  3. I love these types of posts. I've been gardening for years but I often feel like such a pretender because I really know nothing. These posts give me new ideas and since I live in a similar zone as you… I love hearing about what has worked for you!

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