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I thought I better check in here just so you all know I’m still around.

I have lots of excuses for my weeklong absence here, but excuses are a bore. I’ll be back soon with lots of gardening, a fantastic giveaway and more.

But for now, I just want to take a moment to remember our Newfoundland Rita. She died rather suddenly Monday morning. She was 11½ but was as healthy as a horse. Just a week ago she had a great checkup and excellent bloodwork. We expected we’d have years to gaze into her deep brown eyes and give endless tummy rubs. But it was not to be. She was a comedian who made us laugh every day of her life and brought us endless amounts of joy. Rita was fine in the afternoon and gone eight hours later (a bleeding, previously unknown mass likely on her spleen was to blame).

I’ll be back shortly with the subject matter more typical for this space, just as soon as the tears stop falling quite so freely. I’m glad I snapped a photo of her with the crabapple with planted for her a couple weeks ago.

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  1. I am so sorry you're having to deal with this. My four dogs are like people to me and I know how hard this is. I love the pic of her on the deck with her snow pile.

  2. Erin, I'm so sorry about the loss of your dear Rita. How wonderful to have recently taken her portrait with her tree – a cherished and comforting memory. Cathy

  3. We lost a black lab the same way several years ago. He had a mass on his spleen. He was operated on and came home. Later that evening he went into shock and died on the way back to the vet. He had a bleed somewhere post operation.

  4. I'm so sorry; losing a dog is hard and hurts so much. I have lost dogs both ways — fast and unexpected, and gradually of a known illness. Both are painful, but an unexpected loss is very shocking. It has taken three years for me to be able to look at pictures of my old golden retriever without pain, but the good memories outweigh the sadness now. I wish the same for you in time. My thoughts are with you.

  5. My heart aches for you, I'm so very sorry. She was a beautiful girl and I can only begin to imagine the love she provided for you! Take your time, we will still be here!!

  6. So sorry to hear that. We lost our golden last year in almost exactly the same way (hemangiosarcoma on his liver instead of spleen, internal bleeding that we didn't know about until it was critical) and on a similar timeline. It was an incredibly hard experience for all of us. Now, 8 months later, we finally brought home a puppy. Doesn't make me miss him any less, but I forgot how much I missed the sound of paws on hardwood. Take care.

  7. You are the fourth friend/"friend" who has lost a dog in the past week. I am so very, very sorry. It is such a hard and sad time.

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