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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day


I promised I’d be back with a few photos to share from Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and since it’s technically still the 15th, I haven’t missed it yet.

Just two photos to share, both demonstrating one of the great things about letting plants stand during winter. They can still be beautiful.

I love the fuzzy seedheads that stick around on one of the clematis.

And of course Limelight hydrangea is a star in the garden even in January.

The Impatient Gardener -- Limelight hydrangea in winter

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4 Responses

  1. Wow, Erin, you have a lot more snow than we do here in Ontario – ours melted over the weekend with a January thaw. Love that you don't cut things back too much in the winter. I like to do the same thing for a number of reasons; the birds love to forage around and the snow gathers on top of the seed heads. Your hydrangeas look so healthy and ready to give you another great show this summer.

    1. Don't tell anyone, Heather, but I cheated a little bit. I actually took these a week ago or so and since then all our snow melted as well. I do hope it will come back, not because I love snow, but the garden and the lake could use as much snow as possible. That Limelight is really a star of the garden and I think it's because it gets a healthy amount of sun. They do fine in part sun, but up here I think they really want to have full sun.

  2. It looks pretty chilly in your garden! But also very beautiful, too. The clematis seed heads are so interesting. Mine are more circular, like little nests. Clematis are one of my favorite plants!

    1. I have some of those bird nest-looking ones too and they are really my favorite but they've faded pretty badly. I don't know what clematis this one belongs to as I grow three different ones intertwined in this area and in winter they all look the same.

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