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How did it get to be the middle of summer? Ugh … it’s going too fast and needs to slow down!

The good part about this time of the year is that the major work in the garden is starting to wind down. That’s actually sort of funny because of course I would prefer that to have been wrapped up weeks ago, but that’s how it goes. 
Two tons of gravel were dumped in our driveway yesterday and the good part about that pile being smack dab in the middle of everything is that it forces me to get to it ASAP. That will be going in the paths of the circle garden and filling in a few holes in the path to the garage.
The first bloom on ‘The Alnwick Rose’ is just starting to open! I can’t wait.


There are small surprises in the garden as well. The first Labyrinth dahlia is starting to open and, even better, the first David Austin rose is starting to bloom! I’m so excited to see the flowers and I just cross my fingers that they’ll be amazing and fragrant.
So that’s the garden update. Several of you have asked for a video garden tour so if the weather is cooperative I may do a quick one on Facebook Live tonight. I’ll post a bit of warning on the Facebook page if that happens. 
Anyway … here’s the rest of what I’m digging from the internet this week. Just FYI, some of the links that follow are affiliate links; thanks for helping support this blog!
I love both of Linda’s picks for new favorite plants in her garden. Can you even believe the colors in that Alstromeria?

I was thrilled to be a guest on the Root Simple podcast recently. Give it a listen here and check out the Root Simple blog (not to mention their great books). 

You know I love a good roundup, and especially this time of year I’m a rattan fan, so this was right up my alley.
You know how I love my Bahco hand pruners? Well, I’ve been cheating on them with this red hot number for a few weeks now. I’ve been waiting for the newness to wear off (I mean, new pruners are always so sharp and shiny that they always seem better) to do a proper review for you, but so far it’s looking like the Bahcos are going to permanently end up in the “backup pruners” slot.
Cute garden markers? OK, maybe, but garden markers (which I’m about three years behind in updating in my garden) are more about function to me. I like the galvanized ones with a printed weatherproof tapes.


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  1. Another great Friday column, even if perhaps I should not say so since you link to mine. I wrote on Fri. but futzed up and lost my long comment. Let me just say I did the same thing as you with the bellflower. Now it is embedded in my garden esp. in tree roots. Since it is growing up and down my street and currently flowering in my elderly neighbor's garden, I think I am going to have to admit defeat.

  2. Oh Erin, you always take it up just one notch further. I bought the copper coloured galvanized markers a year or two ago – put them away someplace safe, and of course then couldn't find them. I found them a week or two ago and used a sharpie marker on them, but now want to buy a flipping label maker!!

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