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You can tell that it’s fall and people are starting to move inside because there’s been some great stuff on the Internet this week. Before I dig in, a quick programming note: I mentioned bulb augers (that’s an affiliate link) the other day and I realized, while in the throes of mass planting the other night, that a little bit of instruction can help, and probably save your wrist. I’m hoping to get a post about that up later today or tomorrow, so check back for that.

OK, let’s get into some Internet goodies.

The design of Linda and Mark’s garden is largely dependent on an amazing web of paths, all very much designed in a specific manner. Their planning paid off so well. Each Little World photo

My favorite posts of the week, by far, are from my friend Linda at Each Little World. She’s been reviewing her garden journey through the creation of gardens past and I find it fascinating. Check out her posts on the garden at her first house and the creation of the garden she and Mark currently tend to.

Good eye candy on poured concrete applications in gardens.

This kind of thing comes easy to some people, but it’s the sort of step-by-step that I need. Right after reading this, I ordered a tray for the coffee table.

I love me a good source guide.

I hate pumpkin pie (yes, Stephen, I’m one of those people). But because I trust Stephen in all things Thanksgiving, I may give this Not Barfy Pumpkin Pie a shot.

Flower Patch Farmhouse photo

Do you have a Thanksgiving cactus or a Christmas cactus? Truth be told I never thought much about the difference.

It’s gotten chilly here and the wind has kicked up so leaves are falling like crazy. My weekend will certainly include some quality time with leaves, but also all the other fall garden-related tasks that I need to keep plodding away on. We still haven’t had a frost, so I’ve not been able to dig dahlia tubers yet, but that is hanging out there as a big project on the horizon. What’s on your agenda this weekend?


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  1. Isn't it crazy that there hasn't been frost yet?? We haven't had any either. Leaves to be tackled here. I will be out gathering them up after mulching them and dumping them into the veggie bed. And, yes, I have a thanksgiving cactus. It will probably bloom any time now.

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