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FRIDAY FINDS (with a side of snowfall)


Before I get into Friday Finds, a few notes. 

  1. I have been working on a post with three book reviews in it for weeks now and still haven’t finished it. Next week. They would be excellent gift ideas too.
  2. Our first snowfall of the year is expected to come tonight and it could be anywhere from 2 to 8 inches. Let’s hope its on the low end of that! Still, it was enough to spur me into getting out of bed early and spending about an hour outside before work digging dahlias and moving pots off the patio. Most of those things would have been fine with the snowfall, but it’s a pain to dig in the garden when there’s snow and it’s really a pain to have to shovel around pots, which need to be put away for the winter anyway. So that’s pretty much a wrap on the gardening season. I can’t believe how quickly it went.
I’m sorry, this just cracks me up.
I would like to try to make these. She calls them breakfast bars, but we know they are really dessert for breakfast. Which is the best kind of breakfast.
I go to the Lurie Garden every summer when I’m in Chicago, but never in a million years would I have dreamed it would be this gorgeous in autumn. Shawna’s series on it has been amazing.
Rambling Renovators photo
So Jennifer put up some temporary wallpaper and changed a corner of her living room into a jazzy little winter wonderland and I completely love it. 
Did you see Chris and Julia’s new pantry? I don’t care if deep down I know it won’t look like that in a year (unless they are superhuman, which is possible) and it makes me wonder how they know how to cook all the stuff that came in a box but was put in a container and now has no directions, it’s still amazing. My favorite part is that pocket door, which is a cheapie from a big box store that they made look like it was original to the house. 
Thanksgiving is so abundant and over the top, that I sort of like seeing simple table settings. You spend more than a day cooking all that food, why not let it shine? This one is right up my alley.
Have a great weekend everyone! It’s sort of the last one before all the hustle and bustle starts so sit back and enjoy!

4 Responses

  1. We got snow! Love that kitche/pantry. Read their post about their dining table, too. But the fact is, I always had the biggest parties when I had the smallest kitchens. Had an open house for 50 back when we had a 2-burner JennAir. But I do have a small kitchen redo in mind that I am talking to my husband about and he seems receptive!

  2. I would love to get a little snow! (I think.) Enjoy it. I think this gardening season has been the shortest feeling one I've ever known. Happy Friday!

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