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What a crazy week here. So much that was supposed to get done, didn’t. Work was nuts, the garden needs attention and there is this little voice in the back of my head that keeps whispering, “Hurry up and get on with summer.”

This is standard operating procedure for this time of year for me and so many other people. There’s nothing to do but to just do your best. So this week, that meant that a lot of blog posts that should have been just weren’t. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to catch you up on all of it. What I can guarantee you is that there will be a giveaway next week that you won’t want to miss (that’s me dangling a carrot).

I’m facing what is probably my busiest weekend in the garden of the entire year. Having finally amassed all of the plants I need for various containers, those will all be done (14, at last count). And then there’s tons of other planting that will happen to. I’m hoping that by the end of the weekend the dozens (possibly hundreds, but I’m not about to count) of plants sitting in my driveway will be in their summer homes. In part because it just needs to happen but also because we’re due for a hot weekend (80s in June here is not the norm) and I’m spending a lot of time just watering all those plants. I have some really cool ideas for plantings so I can’t wait to show you.

Just some of the plants looking for homes in my garden.

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Friday Finds, so let’s get on with it, shall we?

I have a love-hate relationship with this plant. I’ve decided to love its foliage but never its leaves.

Here’s a roundup of some interesting outdoor dining tables. I like to eat outside as soon as the weather  and mosquitos allow it, but I just cannot get behind the idea of an outdoor dining set (which we’ll use for about three months of the year) costing more than an indoor table and chairs.

I want a dutch door so badly, but someone tell me how this functions if you live in a place with bugs, because I don’t get it.

I snapped a picture of the ‘Guernsey Cream’ clematis the other night (isn’t it great that we can be in the garden until after 8:30?) and it was positively glowing.

Do yourself a favor and grab a coffee or a cocktail and spend some time reading this beautiful and well-written article. It is an amazing story of a life and a death, one that involves, a small way, the love of a garden. And grab a tissue.

Good stuff in the latest GardenFork podcast: Mushroom growing, good router info and a bit on drones (which I have a decidedly uneasy view of).

And lastly, a favor to ask of you. As you might have noticed I’ve been trying to do more videos. Figuring out filming them and editing them has been a huge learning curve, but if you’re like me, you’re forgiving of these things if there’s something in the video worth watching. I’ve been uploading them to my YouTube channel (here’s the latest one) and Facebook, but here’s the deal: I can’t get a “real” URL on YouTube until I get 100 subscribers. If you wouldn’t mind popping over there and subscribing to my channel you could save me from the terrible multi-character-slash-random-numbers URL my channel is currently saddled with. Thank you!

What’s on your agenda for the weekend? Is this an insanely busy time in the garden for you like it is for me?

5 Responses

  1. Like you I love those Dutch doors. It must be from watching all those Lassie shows where Lassie looks out the door or jumps over to got save Timmy's life.
    Bugs are an issue. I read in the article about the dutch doors that there is a screen option. It just wouldn't look the same. I could see Odin hopping over the open door to join you for cocktails.

  2. Thank you for sharing that beautiful story. If only I could have offered that solution to my grandmother who lived so much longer post-stroke than she wanted, and my poor father, who was so scared of dying from his cancer, that he tried to kill himself. Someday…

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