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I should not be surprised because this happens every year: Blink and it’s Fourth of July. How we got halfway through 2016 and to what we consider the mid-point of summer, I have no idea, but here we are. Summer can slow down already.

The floribunda rose I’ve been growing in a pot for a few years is looking so great this year. I couldn’t be happier with the show it’s putting on. 

But let’s get to a few Friday Finds to kick off the big holiday weekend.

Some recipes for a few beauty treatments using what you’re growing in your garden.

Something about the Fourth of July makes me want to eat berries in every possible form. Blueberry bars fit the bill.

Cool down a hot summer day with a cucumber-mint popsicle.

I pin projects like this all the time because I feel like some day I’m actually going to tackle something like this. Maybe in that basement that I never really got to last winter.

Bratwurst is sacred here in Wisconsin. If you plan to come here, you might want to bone up on the difference between a brat and a sausage. By the way, I’ll probably eat a brat on the Fourth of July because of the sake of tradition but I’m so sick of them.

We’ve got a long-distance sailboat race in the beginning of the weekend and then the weekend will be all about kicking back and really enjoying summer. It’s time to start the savoring. What’s on your agenda for the holiday weekend?

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  1. My kids have only been out os school a week (just outside of Boston) so I feel like the 4th of July is just at the START of summer!!!!!

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