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Well folks, I’ve just set a new personal record. I just ordered plants. For next year. Certainly this is the earliest I’ve ever done such a thing, but I needed to just make a decision and move on. So I did. Someone should remind me in spring that I ordered these because I’m sure I will forget.

Onto Friday Finds, which, for now at least, will be devoid of mentions of Christmas.

This is great news.

For some reason I find this very humorous.

Lovely Greens photo

If you are feeling the need to do some crafty things, how about making soap? Here are some great recipes.

Really good light, simple kitchen inspiration here. Out of nowhere I’m really liking the pale limestone-type floors. Scary to pick though … they go pink quick.

A good article on ornamental grasses. The first, Bouteloua gracilis ‘Blonde Ambition’, has been on my list for two years now and both times I’ve tried to get it, it was not available. Still, I’d like to add it to the garden some day.

I’ve got some quality time booked with leaves this weekend, as you may have noticed from one of the photos I posted yesterday. What’s on your weekend agenda?

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  1. I have a clump of Blonde Ambition grass in my riverbed and it's a tough, easy plant. I've ordered and already planted quite a few plants for fall but will probably pass on spring deliveries. I need kitchen floors that are more conducive to things bouncing than breaking! I hope to see you at the Garden Bloggers Fling. :o)

  2. At least you two are in the right country for Bouteloua gracilis 'Blonde Ambition'. I've been looking for it all over and it doesn't appear to be sold in the UK. Am thinking of importing seed, if such a thing is even possible.

  3. I have been wanting 'Blonde Ambition', too. Love the kitchen but I like more comfortable floors and one that won't guarantee that everything I drop will break. We have cork which is very nice. Looks like a great weekend and I am totally booked with social events both days.

    1. Well you have a point there: EVERYTHING breaks. In fact I'm down to two wine glasses which simply will not do. We had cork floors in the family cottage and I always thought they were the hard-wearing and most forgiving floors I've ever seen.

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