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It seems incomprehensible to me that I have given basically no thought to container plantings this year. By this time of the year I usually know exactly what I’ll be doing in all of my containers, but I’m just first starting to think about it now. Certainly the weather is partly to blame, but I’ve also had other gardening projects on the brain.

It could also be because I still haven’t finished the planter we’ve been building. It’s so close to finished, but I keep dragging my feet on it. Hopefully this will be the weekend that I’m able to declare it finished and share it with you.

My greatest source of inspiration for container planting is always looking at photos of other containers. I can’t think of a time that I’ve ever copied a container planting exactly, but I usually see something I like and use that as a jumping off point for creating the look I’m after.

So, for Feature Friday, I’m sharing some pretty container design photos. I hope they’ll spark a design for you as much as for me.

Not sure on the source but I think this is a Deborah Silver design.

Deborah Silver

Deborah Silver

Pot Inc.
Edens Gate Gardening

A note about sources: Many of these photos came from my Pinterest Container Gardening board and the pins I then pinned for this board don’t seem to go back to the original source. If you know the source, please let me know and I will be sure to give proper credit.

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  1. Wow! –I love all of these but particularly #5. I would love to recreate it. I have a trellis in the back yard that I would love to put this around. What is the climbing/flowering plant with white flowers? I live in zone 6– so curious if you think it would do well here or not? [email protected]

    1. Hi Olivia! The white plant is a white mandevilla vine that will do great in your zone 6 garden. Unfortunately, they can be harder to find than the pink or red varieties, so it might be worth calling around (or looking online). It's a tropical plant so it won't be hardy for you but you can bring them in and cut them back to overwinter them. I grow mandevillas on my deck every year and just let them die. They grow very quickly. If you're looking for a perennial vine, you could get a similar look with a white clematis or a star jasmine (although be sure you get on that is hardy).

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