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Bluestone inspiration


I’ve been looking for some bluestone inspiration online given my impending bluestone acquistion and came across a couple ideas that might be a jumping-off point for something that could work. Hopefully these will inspire someone out there to throw me a great idea.

This is a path from Fine Gardening magazine that uses a whole bunch of materials:

And here’s your basic grass/moss growing between the stones thing that does make it a bit more casual. Of course all of these are patio ideas and I’m not sure I have a need for a patio … although there may be an option for that (stay tuned!). This is from Yardscapes, Inc.

OK … so does that help someone out there have a great idea? Please share it!

4 Responses

  1. You know, the Lake Michigan shoreline is a treasure trove of materials thanks to the glacial gravel. There's beautiful, naturally-honed black basalt pavers, earthy sandstones…an immense selection to choose from. I'm doing a foot-wide, 17 ft diameter accent perimeter from these basalt pebbles….each pebble is both round and slightly angular with a single flat surface. If that flat surface is laid upright in a bed of black mortar, they interlock into a pretty gorgeous, tight pattern where very little of the mortar is even visible….. is a great contasting compliment to bluestone. I like the patchwork pattern – lots of precise cutting! Brooks

  2. Nice to know it worked for someone, Sarah! I'm really grooving on making some sort of path out of multiple materials like in that first example, but since I only have a source (at least currently) for free bluestone, and not anything else, I can see that becoming rather pricey. Still stewing about it … probably will all winter.

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