Ever since we threw a Santa hat on our first dog Hudson when he was just puppy and mailed it out, Christmas cards featuring the dogs have become "a thing." Mr. Much More Patient says we've been slacking off in recent years and needed to do something more extravagant this year, but I've found that the more complicated we make the setup, the less likely the photo is to work.

So we went for plain old cute this year and, in a nod to the past, we brought the Santa hats back.

And here's what we ended up with.

And here are few from the big Christmas card photoshoot that didn't make the cut.

Here are some of our Christmas cards throughout the years:
My favorite will always be the snowman one because we did not expect Hudson to eat the carrot nor Rita to look so horrified about it.

A lot of people don't send cards anymore and I can certainly understand why, but they are one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I love seeing photos of my friends' kids as they grow and just hearing from friends who we see all the time and those we don't. We get one good old-fashioned Christmas letter and I sort of love it because it's completely nuts. Plus, it's so nice getting something other than a bill or a catalog in the mail! 

Do you send cards?


  1. Absolutely adorable!! You can't go wrong with cute and cute dogs.
    I send them occasionally but it's been a long while. Maybe next year :)

  2. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. I love them all- the thoughtful handwritten ones, the creative ones, the ones with a three page teeny-tiny-typewritten-letter about everything, the generic ones with just a signature, the photo ones with adorable pictures of dogs and kids and families (please dear friends include yourselves in the picture). They all remind me of people I care about! We always send one out- some years its something creative, other years its just us and the dogs (or just the dogs) under the tree or something else festive. Your dogs are adorable, and I love the outtakes!

  3. We definitely send cards, and I love getting them too!! What cute pictures :)

  4. Love the fallen antlers! We send letter and cards depening on if it's folks we see or not. About 36 cards total. And I would be sad at not getting any.

  5. I just want to hug them.

    We have been sending Christmas cards since our first Christmas as a newly engaged couple. This year will make our fifteenth card.

  6. This is such a great tradition! I bet your family and friends look forward to getting these cards every year. Merry Merry Christmas to you, Rich, Rita & Odin (and Desdemona, the cat - not that she probably cares as most cats).

  7. Yes, we send christmas cards. Your idea of sending your cute dogs picture out is great. I too love to hear from everyone. Even those we see often. Just seeing their signature is like receiving a hug. I know how difficult to get a dog to pose. Almost impossible when you add a hat or antlers. It is always fun and frustrating trying. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  8. OMGosh, I seriously want to snuggle your babies :) SOOOOO adorable!!
    Merry, Merry Christmas, Erin.

  9. Super darling! And yes I send cards. I miss that others aren't doing it anymore. Merry Christmas

  10. I love your cards!!

    Christmas cards are one of my favorite things, too. We send to family and friends, and include a photo and a summary of the year-that-was. A few years ago, we tried to phase out the letter ... that decision was met with disappointment, and a few folks that thought we forgot to include the year's letter in their card.

    I receive fewer cards than I used to, which is a shame. Sometimes traditions need to continue, even if it seems redundant. With Facebook and other social media outlets, we keep up with each other's happenings in real time, and send virtual greetings to each other on birthdays and other holidays. I like cards at Christmas as a reminder that, sometimes, new and expedient hasn't entirely replaced a snail-mail card with a handwritten envelope.


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