Well, it looks like we may get our first frost tonight. I'll be making myself a big bouquet of flowers from what is left in the garden and bringing the poor spider plant after work. I don't think I've told you about the abused spider plant before and I'll have to something. I bought it the day I moved into my first dorm at college which was (ahem) somewhere in the neighborhood of two decades ago. Since then that poor plant has been abused in every way you can abuse a plant but it keeps going (sort of). It's a survivor and that's no thanks to me.

I haven't had a lot of time to scour the blogging world lately (or comment on blogs ... sorry, everyone) but can I just voice my displeasure at the amount of Christmas stuff that is already being discussed? It's one thing for Wal-mart and Costco to have their Christmas stuff out for the crazy folks who get into that at this time of year but why in the world is the blogging world perpetuating this rushing of the seasons? So do not expect to see any holiday-related items in Friday Finds for quite some time, unless that holiday is Halloween or Thanksgiving.

I think if you're going to go to cooking school, Paris is probably a really good place to do it.

I have so many hydrangeas that I could easily make this. And I might do just that.

I'm pretty sure this tile will be making an appearance in the downstairs bathroom when we spruce it up, but it won't look like you see it here. (Eyeglasses—not mine!—for scale.)

I can't remember if I told you about the bathroom reno that is hopefully happening this winter or not. I know I started a post about it but sometimes these things languish unfinished in the drafts folder. Anyway, before I start a big renovation project I like to have every possible decision made in advance because there are always plenty of on-the-fly decisions to be made mid-project. And this tile will probably be a part of the plan, but not the way you see it here (above). Mysterious, right?

Is it just me or are all house tours starting to look the same (says the woman who is going to put marble in her bathroom, following every tired trend there is)? Still, this is an interesting house. I particularly love the exterior.

Good ideas here for using burlap in your garden. I use a lot of it in mine every year.

That's it for this Friday. More posts next week, I promise! Hope you all have a great fall weekend!

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  1. Oh dear, I'm using that tired trend of using marble in my bathroom too. In fact the 1" square tiles just got installed this week. Still waiting for the vanity, toilet and shower door to be installed before my first bath in the big new tub.
    And you're right - those house tours (and model homes) all look the same.


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