The vanity that is. I did this several weeks ago, actually, but forgot to tell you about it.

It is now Hale Navy (satin finish) and I'm finally satisfied.

Hale Navy vanity

You may recall that I originally painted it Hudson Bay (satin), but felt like it was too slate blueish and just dull.

Hudson Bay, Old Navy, Hale Navy comparison
Hudson Bay (sanded) on the left, Old Navy on the right and Hale Navy up in the first picture.

So I repainted it with Old Navy in semigloss and we lived with it like that for a couple weeks. But every time I walked in there I felt like it was purple (and I don't like purple) and icky shiny not good shiny.
Shiny semi-gloss Old Navy (and I actually put another coat on after this).

It bugged me enough that I actually disliked the vanity more than before I had painted it at all.

So I bought more paint. This time it was Hale Navy, which is a very black navy but not at all purple, and I went back to the satin finish.

Hale Navy
Thank goodness, the third time was the charm. I really like it now. That's as far as the bathroom has gone though, and frankly, as far as it will probably go for awhile. After all, we're now into that spring rush when I'm busy trying to finish up everything I need to get done before gardening season begins.

Plus, it's way better than where it started.


  1. Yep, I agree - this is the perfect blue. I love navy.

  2. Excellent work. And when it bugs you that much you really have to do something!

  3. It sure is better than when you started. And I do think you've got it right with this new colour. It's fresh and crisp - gorgeous.

    It's finally warming up here and I may actually get outside on Sunday to clear some fallen branches in the yard. Those inside jobs will have to wait till October/November and beyond.

  4. Love it! Third time's a charm! Yours is the second vanity I've seen in navy blue this week and now I want to paint a vanity that color :)


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