Happiness is ...

Remember those corny posters you would buy through the book club at school? (Am I aging myself here?) They were crappy mini posters that came folded so there was always a big crease on them and they featured inspirational sayings and cute pictures of kittens and puppies. I generally hung them next to my Michael Jackson Thriller posters. Don't judge.

Anyway, there were a whole series of them that said "Happiness is ...." followed by the aforementioned kitty/puppy and something like "... a huge from a friend."

Today I give you the gardener's version of that (complete with bad iPhone picture).

Happiness is ...
... having the nursery plant the six trees you bought over the weekend for you.

P.S. See that boat? The one owned by my neighbors that hasn't moved in the 10 years we've lived in this house? In a few years I hope to look that direction and see just that tree, not the boat that I'm sure will still be there. Poor boat.