Christmas/Boxing Day wishes

I     n honor of my Christmas cards going out late this year, I thought I'd send Christmas wishes to all of you out there by giving you a little look back at our holiday cards featuring our dogs. We weren't planning on sending out pictures of the dogs (Newfoundlands Hudson and Rita) every year, but the first year was a hit  and a tradition was born.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and let me tell you, today I'm so happy that Christmas was a Friday because I'm looking forward to a weekend of catching up on some projects (like laundry, which is in such a sorry state it has been elevated to project status) and just relaxing.







  1. What cooperative doggies you have there! So photogenic, too.

    Cheers from a fellow cold winter gardener,

    Christine in Alaska

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! Hudson and Rita are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! Hope you had a great Christmas!

  3. I always look forward to your Christmas Cards. I have to say my favorite is still Hudson pulling the sleigh with Rita and her "Santa List"!!!!


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