A tour through the veggie garden

Here's a little tour through the veggie garden. Things are growing slowly here, so hopefully in a few weeks things will look much different (click on the pictures to make them bigger). Come on in!


  1. Great set up! Lettuce is looking great!

  2. This was linked under your bloom day post. I WANT YOUR VEGGIE GARDEN. What a cute setup! How much dirt did it take?

  3. Jennah,

    That's a really good question. The beds themselves are 30" deep and filled up the bottoms of them with anything organic I could find: leaves, pine boughs, sticks from around the yard, most of the unfinished stuff from the compost pile. After that I think I put in a total of 7 yards of topsoil and blended compost and it settled a lot throughout the summer. The dirt was by far the biggest expense. But I have to say, after gardening in it all summer, it's the best veggie set-up ever. The critters can't get at it, no bending over and just the right amount of space to feed two of us (with some extras to share). The only thing I'd like to do in the future is do a separate raised bed for onions, because I really enjoyed growing those last year and they take up a lot of room.


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