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I, um, bought more plants


I’ve done it again. I went out and bought more plants. It’s a sickness, I tell ya.

This time it was because a co-op through the Yahoo group I’m in didn’t meet the minimums to order so we had to cancel it. Of course I had already falled in love with those plants, so when it was cancelled I NEEDED to get them elsewhere. Klehm’s Song Sparrow Nursery to the rescue!

I got three Sunrise Echinacea (love this one and I want a nice big clump of them and I’m not keen on waiting for that to happen with the few I already have), a Summer Sky Echie (so pretty), and three Baptisia: Solar Flare, Twilight Prairieblues and Midnight Prairieblues.

They also send a free daylily: Ruffled Parchment. I’m excited about that one!

So this is even more encouragment to hurry up, get the damn weeding and mulching done so I can enjoy planting these. And I really need to spend some quality time in the garden to figure out the best place for these anyway.

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  1. Oh Katie, my echinacea-addiction friend, I have one, no two, for you. Both came via the co-op so right now I'm just going by pictures, but I think they are going to be dandies. One is Pink Poodle, which almost looks like a dahlia, and the other is Coral Reef, which looks a lot like Coconut Lime in form but all coral.

    And YAY on the pet insurance!

  2. Uh oh…since I am on Murphy watch I have nothing to do but sit here and shop online and you just gave me some great things to shop for!!!! Thank you for continuing to contribute to my echi buying…the red ones I bought after one of your posts are about to bloom…must get more!!! I love this blog…not so sure my credit card does..but pet insurance is paying for Murphs surgery so I'm free to shop!

  3. It is an illness….we need a support group….wait we should form another blog for that…Hi I am Dirt Princess and I am addicted to buying or receiving plants

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