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A letter to my future gardening self


Following is a letter to my future self.

Dear Erin,

How’s the garden growing this year? Did you finally put something in that spot right in front that you’ve been saving for something “really great”? Did you remember to spray the plants with the deer/bunny repellent BEFORE they started eating everything?

The answer to those questions is probably no, but this letter addresses a more important issue. Remember back in 2009, when it had been about three years since you had mulched? Remember how the year before you put down a three-inch thick layer of compost over the whole garden and you were so pooped that you sort of let things go a little bit?

Well don’t forget this:

Yep, that’s a picture of YOUR weeds. Not the weeds from the entire yard, or even just one garden. Those are the weeds from about an 8-foot square area. Remember how you spent an entire weekend digging up those weeds? The first nice weekend of the summer, when the rest of the world was out sailing and hanging out on the beach, and you were in your best trailer park outfit, covered in dirt, sweating in your garden and praying that no one stopped over and actually saw you like that?

Pictures don’t lie. Don’t let it happen again. I’m warning you.

2009 Erin

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