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The woods comes alive


It always amazes me how quickly the wooded area of our property is taken over by Ostrich ferns.

May 8

May 14

May 31 (pay no attention to the path of inflourescence-looking stuff. I spread some DE the day before. Oh and yeah … all that stuff in the foreground is garlic mustard weed that must be pulled ASAP.)

All those Ostrich ferns and would you believe I’ve never eaten fiddleheads? By the time I remember to try them the ferns are too big. When I walk through them many are eye level.

The ferns are beautiful if not a tad aggressive, but for the most part I let them go where they want. When they pop up in the lawn they just get mowed with the rest of it.

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  1. Okay, this picture cinched it for me! I spent a few years in the NorthWest, and love, love, loved the ferns that were everywhere. Now that I've found myself in Michigan, I'd been wanting to recreate a bit of that green, green ferny NW feeling. Have had a patch of garden all saved for it, but could not get straight which ferns I needed. Thanks for the help!

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