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The unfinisher strikes again


It rained all weekend here which is so frustrating when there is so much to be done in the garden. The hostas, however, seem to be loving it as a I swear they’ve all grown 3 inches overnight. If and when the sun ever comes out I imagine everything will take off.
Given the lack of garden time this weekend, I thought it might be a good time to take a break from outdoor topics and head inside where I show you what a slacker I am. Although we finished the house renovation over a year ago, there are several unfinished projects that are starting to drive me a little crazy.
You’ve seen the master bedroom before from this angle:

… but have you noticed that you’ve never seen the wall that is opposite the windows? Well, there’s a good reason for that. Here is it:

That’s the closet door on the left (and can you believe that I took this photo at 2 p.m.? That’s how dark and dreary it was Sunday).  When we were building this room I was so excited about that big empty spot on the wall because I saw it as the perfect place to hang a huge piece of art. It still is, but I am so fussy about art (not to mention I don’t have the budget for the art I really want) that I’ve yet to find the right thing in the budget. Complicating the issue, I don’t like placeholders in almost any situation. I like to wait for the right thing to come along. But the lack of art and color is making me a bit mad.
There is one spot where I’ve made some progress in the bedroom though. Take a look at the first picture. Now check out this:

Do you see that? I have a real, live window seat cushion. And here’s the best part: I made it myself! When we had the banquette made for the kitchen, the cushions were the most expensive part, even thought I found fabric at a steal. My mom is pretty handy with a sewing machine and frankly I was starting to feel a little bad about asking her to sew pillows for me all the time, so I thought it was high time I learned. So my very patient mother walked me through the steps to sew the cushion cover myself. Originally I was going to do a tutorial on how to do it, but honestly, I think I better learn a lot more about sewing before I start telling other people how to do it. It took a lot of Saturday afternoons, but it was fun and I’m thrilled with the results. It’s a pretty big accomplishment for a person who actually sewed her finger in summer school sewing class. That’s a true story: I sewed the damn needle straight through the top of my finger. My poor dad had to come to pull out the needle because the office people couldn’t touch it since it had broken the skin. I’m not sure if I felt worse for my dad or for the sewing teacher who had to remove the needle from the machine with my finger attached to it.

And I did get another little project that’s been bugging me finished in the other bedroom. I finally painted and mounted the little mini closet doors. Our contractor thought we were nuts that we wanted this mini closet that is only accessible with the help of a ladder, but I believe that in a small house you have to make the most of every bit of storage space available and I couldn’t stand the idea of a giant dust-collecting ledge up there.

But then we go downstairs to the kitchen. This is probably the worst unfinishing offense because I actually finished the eating area of the kitchen almost three years ago now. This is an old picture of the kitchen but sadly, it still works for this post because that’s exactly how it looks now (on a clean day). Again there’s a huge wall screaming for huge art and I’m paralyzed by my inability to put something there for fear that it won’t be the right thing. You wouldn’t believe how many people walk in our house and ask what I’ll be putting there. I wish I knew!
Kitchen2 101211
So what unfinished projects do you have staring you in the face?

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