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The Garden Appreciation Society Week 18 — Link ’em up before they freeze!


Look what’s back! It’s The Garden Appreciation Society, which went on a bit of a hiatus while I stepped out of town for a little bit and then got my life sorted when I came back.

The garden is waning so we need to appreciate it all that much more now, while we can. The idea for The Garden Appreciation Society actually came to me about a year ago, when I made a mad dash around the garden to cut all the flowers left before it froze. I loved that little bit of the garden in the house so much that I thought, “Why don’t I do this more often?” It made me appreciate all my hard work in the garden so much more.

The Garden Appreciation Society-- The Impatient Gardener -- dahlias

This week I snipped most of what’s left of the dahlias. I didn’t do great with them this year. I ordered a lot and they sat for a bit and then I was a little late planting them and many of them didn’t even sprout. Not sure what happened there. But dahlias are lovely flowers and I intend to keep growing them, even though they require a bit more work since the tubers have to be dug and stored for winter and then replanted next year.

The Garden Appreciation Society-- The Impatient Gardener -- dahlias

Lately I have a particular affinity for the ball varieties. They look like a flower that a  3-year-old would draw, but I love examining them up close. And they are so dense. The red one is pretty amazing.

The Garden Appreciation Society-- The Impatient Gardener -- dahlias

I’d like to add lots more dahlias next year, and I think some smaller ball types would be so cute. I’ll have to be on the lookout for them.

If you’ve been participating in The Garden Appreciation Society that’s great! If you’ve taken a bit of a break, now’s the time to get back in. Your flowers won’t do you any good dying in your garden now. Bring them in and enjoy them! And show us how you’re enjoying them.

The Garden Appreciation Society-- The Impatient Gardener -- dahlias

Link up below.


And don’t miss previous weeks. It’s a pretty interesting way to see the summer at a glance.

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  1. Hey, I'm posting a pre-frost picture from a few weeks ago, too. I really love your dahlias. I'm in the "too lazy to grow them myself" camp, but they are beautiful.

  2. Hi Erin: So glad this is back! My post is from week before last, when the Caryopteris were just gorgeous…they're a little bedraggled now. We just had the first rain in almost 4 weeks: not good for my new bushes and plants! But everybody is happy now….

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