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The Garden Appreciation Society Week 17 — I know you have flowers … link up!


The Garden Appreciation Society seems to be getting later and later each week. And last week I really screwed it up when I set the dates wrong on the link tool. Sorry about that.

I have a good excuse for having this week’s on Friday, though. There won’t be a Garden Appreciation Society link-up next week (for the first time in 17 weeks, if you can believe that) because I’m going to be out of town. The mister and I are off on a little trip that’s half work and half fun (a bit of a 10th anniversary celebration) and the work part is bound to be pretty fun too. More on that when I return, but I’m sure I’ll be posting lots of pictures on Instagram and a few on Facebook, so follow me there if you’re curious.

This is the part where I mention that if you are some kind of creepy Internet stalker you should know that my house will be occupied by both humans and very large dogs while we’re gone.

But let’s get on with the good stuff. Welcome to Week 17 of The Garden Appreciation Society!

The star of the show this week is that apricot and yellow dahlia (whose name I will have to look up). I just love dahlias but mine didn’t do so good this year so I’m savoring the few I have. After starting with the dahlia I threw in come sedum, some kale for the frilly leaves, a couple zinnias, rudbeckia and two other clear yellow dahlias on purple stems.

All in all it’s a bit more fall looking that I had intended. Seems like I can’t avoid fall even if I try!

The Impatient Gardener -- The Garden Appreciation Society

The Impatient Gardener -- The Garden Appreciation Society

The Impatient Gardener -- The Garden Appreciation Society

The Impatient Gardener -- The Garden Appreciation Society

Now’s the time for you to link up. And I promise I’ll set the link tool up right this time!


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  1. Well, these sunflowers are not from my garden, but the farmers market…Hope that's ok! But they are/were SO spectacular I just had to share here. I've never seen sunflowers, all on the one stalk, so huge and in such beautiful shape! They lasted for 7 days in the house.

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