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Red, orange and purple: A color combination to love?


If you had told me a few weeks ago that I was going to fall head over heels in love with a red, orange and purple hanging basket I would have laughed out loud. Purple and orange? Oh yeah … love it. Red and purple? A little too Red Hat Society for me, but I can deal. Red and orange? Just makes me think of Heatmeiser. All three together?


Well hello, darling!

This beautiful container was one of dozens hanging on Main Street in Mackinac Island. You can see the one next to it was a much more subdued, but equally pretty, yellow and white number featuring Lobularia ‘Snow Princess.’ I liked it as well, but it didn’t jump out and grab me like its neighbor did.

I like how there are just a few wisps of a grass peeking out the top, adding just a little bit of texture. I suspect the designer of this container intended that grass to flourish a little more, but I think just a hint of it is nice too.

I’m not positive about the plants in this container but I think the red flower is Supertunia Red, the orange is Superbells Tangerine Punch (it could also be just Tangerine, but Tangerine Punch has a red center that I think you can see in this container), and the purple is the great Supertunia Royal Velvet.

What do you think about this container? Too much color or a wonderful bold statement?

5 Responses

  1. Red Hats? Red Hats did you say? Nope, can't hear you…

    I love the lushness of this basket, would prefer fuchsia to the faded orange. Actually, bright red and fuchsia with more green would be it for me.

  2. Linda, you're so right, on both accounts.

    These hanging baskets had all obviously been impeccably maintained, including having been pruned to keep everything in check. But all in all, I think I wouldn't mind that job: Mackinac Island container care. Certainly better than some of the jobs (i.e. street sweeper) on the island!

  3. The flowers on Mackinac are amazing but I would not want to be the person who has to water and deadhead. A lot depends on everything looking just so.

    I love red and purple and really hate the way those colors have been taken over by the Red Hat group. Then there's the whole "when I'm old I'll wear purple." In fact, now I can't wear it because of stupid sayings …

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