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Pretty organized paint


Last week when I randomly went on a painting spree and suddenly painted the back door black, I was totally irritated when I couldn’t find the can of tinted primer that I know exists somewhere in this house. I never did find it, but when I realized the sheer volume of paint in this house I decided a little organization was needed.

I nice little display of paint cans that are all pretty and matching was never going to happen. All my paint cans have drips of paint going down them (here’s a little tip: when you pour paint out of the can, do it so the front of the label is down so that when you spill paint over the edge you’re not covering up the information on the back). They get thrown in a closet in the basement.

But it would be nice to know what’s all lurking in there before I start a project without having to pull it all out. So I made a little spreadsheet that now lives on the inside of the paint closet door.

I figure I can update the spreadsheet when things change drastically and cross off things when I use up that paint. Because you know, you never know when you’re going to use up the sample can of Killala green paint (what do you suppose that was going to be for?)

It’s called Killala Green, but you can call it Kermit green. And I have a can of it.

How do you keep track of your paint? Or do you do the “Take a guess” method?

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  1. Wow, that is organized! My paints are separated into indoor/outdoor and Annie Sloan (which I keep alphabetically). With a marker, I write where it was used. But that's about it for organization. Although I go one step further with keeping all the paint sample chips in my purse for referencing when I'm out shopping.

    1. Oh aren't you smart! I have never thought to keep a stash of paint chips in my purse for quick reference. I have hauled the entire fandeck along to fabric stores and whatnot, but that's just to make me look like I have a clue.

  2. Is that green a wall color or a furniture color? Because I like color, but that is awful GREEN.

    So guess what? I am thinking about painting my kitchen grey. Do you have a particular shade that you recommend. This gold/yellow has got to go.

    1. Sadly, Katie, I got that paint to test as a wall color. I know I never got any further than opening up the can, but even so, what in the world was I thinking?

      As for grays, I think they might be harder than whites or blacks, but I obviously love Revere Pewter, which is what is in our bedroom and the kitchen. It's actually more of a greige, which I think makes it a little more versatile. So check that one out.

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