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Big planter roundup


If there is a support group for planter addicts, let me know, because I need it. I love a good container, but finding one is a different matter. 

I have two non-negotiable requirements for most planters: they need to be big and they need to look good. Weight, style and even cost are all things I’m willing to be flexible on, but they have to be big. Over the years I’ve accumulated a handful of “investment” planters, and I’ve never regretted spending the money on one I really loved. 

Mr. Much More Patient and I made this planter.

Obviously it’s best to buy planters in person if possible and beyond garden centers, it’s worth checking out big box stores (which have upped their container game in the last few years) and places like Sam’s Club and Costco. The classifieds (yes, I still like classified ads), Facebook marketplace, Craigslist and other secondhand sites are great too, although I’ll admit to having no luck as far as those are concerned. I feel like that must be a personal problem because I see plenty of gardeners scoring great finds.

But let’s say you can’t find something locally, or maybe you just want to shop from your couch. Here’s a round up of a bunch of containers I found, all over 18 inches wide, which is really the minimum size I consider unless it’s a specialty or tabletop application. Happy container hunting.

round planters

  1. Geometric goodness. 18″ wide, $179, on sale for $143
  2. Fiber jar, 21″ wide, $268
  3. Great legs, 18″ wide, $149
  4. Lightweight + double-walled, 20″ wide, $119
  5. Tall and sleek, 22″ wide, $77
  6. All good looks, 28″ wide, on sale for $307
  7. Pinstripe perfection, 17″ wide, on sale for $66
  8. Terrazzo bronze, 21″ wide, $150
  9. Textured radius, 22″ wide, $279
  10. Concentric circles, 21″ wide, $869




  1. Wood stripes, 38″ wide, $589
  2. Corten steel warmth, 38″ wide, $379
  3. Modern teak, 22″ wide, $818
  4. Industrial planter, 21″ wide, $599
  5. Aged wood trough, 30″ wide, $279
  6. Simple and sleek, 23″ wide, $260
  7. Modern trough, 39″ wide, $259
  8. Stone lookalike, 16″ wide, $83
  9. Wood with style, set of two, 15″ and 18″ wide, $266.
  10. Seaside cottage, set of two, 13″ wide, $160 (on sale)



fun and different planters

  1. Chinoiserie goodness, 20″ wide, $367
  2. Urn with a twist, 18″ wide, $175 on sale
  3. Oil jar, 25″ wide, $275
  4. Square corten bowl, 34″ wide, $275
  5. Zinc planter, 17″ wide, $99
  6. Old world charm, 24″ wide, 36″ tall, $699
  7. Tabletop perfection, 26″ wide, $75 on sale
  8. Round corten bowl, 24″ wide, $200
  9. Ruffle urn, 23″ wide, $459
  10. Modern cast stone, 28″ wide, $263

17 Responses

  1. I just found some large terra cotta pot with some detail to them on clearance at Home Depot. Of course I had to get three of them.

  2. Loving these! A good place to get big pots, especially terracotta is Ocean State Job Lots. You have to go often and you can’t wait to buy. They go super fast!

  3. I am enjoying all you post and videos. They are so full of inspiring ideas and good information. I too love great pots!

  4. Aaron,

    Recently, I had a bout of temporary insanity and permitted my children to get a puppy. At present, he is gnawing every shrub, tree and plant tendril poking out of the earth. My husband told me that I would have to lower the expectations for my garden this year, but I really do not want to do it.

    I know that you have dogs. Could you possibly do a segment about gardening with dogs?

  5. The struggle is real.
    I’m a go-big or go-home 👧 ! I’m also obsessed with groupings of 3 or 5 huge pots out along my paths and on along the 2 layer decking outside the screened porch. Oh, and inside the porch I have a collection of white pots for the coffee table!

  6. Finding great pots is always a challenge. These are great options. Then there are always the classic Italian terra cotta ones.

  7. I’ve looked at those Valencia jars from Frontgate numerous times….I am sure at least one will find its way into my garden someday. I love a big pot too and the pretty ones are the best. Thanks for sharing a great list of options.

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