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Oozing charm all over the place


After a go-go-go business trip last week, it was a go-go-go weekend here. We’ve been enjoying an amazing fall (which I feel we deserved after a less-than-stellar summer) but the weather is going to take a turn this week. The feeling that the time for outdoor projects is running out has created a mad dash of trying to get what needs to get done, done.

Of course nothing got finished. A lot was started and even more was continued, but as far as I can tell, not a damn thing was finished, which makes for pretty lame blogging.

I think I set a personal record, though. I bought five quarts of paint this weekend, four of them completely different colors (and one a fix of the another color). I didn’t actually need them all this weekend, but I will need them soon and I figured as long as I was paint shopping I might as well get them all at once.

Speaking of paint, I spied a Maine Cottage store across from our hotel in Annapolis. I love Maine Cottage’s (extremely expensive) furniture so I was eager to pop in and explore the store.

I don’t think I could live in a whole house decorated with this furniture. It’s all just a little too perfect and it’s quite whimsical, so while I think a touch would be great, if you did an entire house in it, it could end up looking like some kind of fantasyland. What I sort of love about Maine Cottage furniture is that it’s a great place to get ideas for DIY projects because basically everything is painted a fun color.

I love the Color Bar with cute little holders for swatches of all their paint colors.

The Impatient Gardener -- Maine Cottage

This bed is so charming and such an amazing color.

The Impatient Gardener -- Maine Cottage
This fabric isn’t really my favorite but I thought this whole seating area was just so cute. I love the side table (although all their side tables seemed a little on the high side to me).
The Impatient Gardener -- Maine Cottage

I don’t know where I’d put a little loveseat like this but I’d sure put it somewhere because it is so comfy looking.

The Impatient Gardener -- Maine Cottage
If I had a summer cottage to decorate (and lots of money to do it) you can bet this nightstand would be in it. I just love that fish.

The Impatient Gardener -- Maine Cottage
Cottage-worthy bar cart.
The Impatient Gardener -- Maine Cottage

The Impatient Gardener -- Maine Cottage
They had these amazing cutting boards that are painted and I just fell in love with them. These two kind of look like lobster pot buoys. I can’t think the paint would hold up to repeated washing very well, but I think these could be so cool hanging on the wall when not in use.
The Impatient Gardener -- Maine Cottage

They also had this shape with a leather strap on the top. I’d get one just to hang on the wall.

I loved the floors. 
These round cork boards and the oval coat racks with shiny hooks are so pretty and I took a picture because this is one of those things you could definitely do yourself for a fraction of the cost. I wish someone would start selling unpainting round frames though, because I like me some round frames.

The counter at the Color Bar was so intersting. It appeared to be concrete that an old sail had been embedded into and then painted. 
The Impatient Gardener -- Maine Cottage

 So what do you think? Is this kind of cottage charm up your alley or better used for a bit of DIY inspiration? Or maybe it’s just not your cup of tea at all ….

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  1. I've followed Maine Cottage for years.. and agree: a little goes a long way! They are, of course, very expensive. I can't imagine spending that kind of money on painted furniture (as opposed to say antiques…), but it IS charming and very well done and the colors fabulous. I've sent away for fabric swatches several times and well…they just don't look right when I actually get them in my house. Washed out? Sort of. I've never ordered any (aside from the price). But yes, as inspiration they are a terrific source.
    We were in Annapolis in July when it was hot hot hot, but I do love walking around there!

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