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Lovin’ this plant


This is dicentra Gold Heart, and she has become a star in our garden. I picked it up at the hardware store two or three years ago and even though she’s not in a great spot for a bleeding heart (west exposure) she just keeps getting bigger and bigger (and is currently taking over a mini hosta growing underneath it). It’s one of those plants that you spot from the other side of the yard and are just drawn to.

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  1. I just planted 6 of them from roots, about a month ago and I though I planted them too early as I live in MD, but this is record warmth this year, well today 4 of them are breaking the ground. I am a very impatient Gardner. I bought a bunch of "bare root" plants for the house I just bought and partly because I like to watch them grow every year to die in the fall and return bigger and better in the winter. The garden at my new house is honestly my dream garden and k just moved here in November so I also need a 12 step plant program!!

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