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Yesterday I wrote about the factors to consider when choosing a container. You can read it here, but I broke it down to four factors:

  1. Size (err on the side of bigger)
  2. Style (what suits your house, garden and personal preferences)
  3. Material (will you leave it out all year or have to move it)
  4. Price
Now I’m going to share some sources for containers that I’ve found in my rather exhaustive searches. There are three sources that I’m not going to get into: shopping locally, which is really the best option because you tell so much more about a container you can see in person, and building your own, like I did here. I also think that vintage or repurposed containers are very cool, but I think that’s one of those things you have to be on the lookout for at thrift stores or garage sales.
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Amazon has some good looking planters for prices that won’t completely break the bank, but it takes a little looking. Gardener’s Supply also has some nice options, but look for their occasional coupons and sales to bring the price down more. Also consider checking non-traditional stores such as feed mills.
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Big box stores are worth checking too, but again, you really have to pick carefully. The dimensions listed on some planters are often way off (especially on Target’s site; what is up with that?) and you’re right to be concerned about longevity with some of these. But if you’re not ready for a lifetime commitment to a container, this can be a great way to go.

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The next level of expense are planters that I’ve mostly found at stores more traditionally associated with furniture. Although I’ve not seen all of these in person, the ones I have seen have been of good quality and I’m certain they would survive for a few years at least. Crate and Barrel and West Elm tend to have designs that are little more modern, whereas Ballard Designs has more traditional planters. Grandin Road (sort of a less expensive version of Frontgate) has some nice options as well.
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Once you’re ready to spend enough money to quality as an investment, you should be expecting planters that are extremely high quality, will last for many years and will hurt a little when you place that order. But if you know what you need and you’re not planning on moving anytime soon, they can be a good place to look. Restoration Hardware has nailed some great designs in recent year. Their prices can be shocking but my tip is to stalk the RH Outlet store near you. The people there are very nice and unless they are very busy will tell you exactly what they have in stock when you call. Frontgate also has some excellent designs, although I’ve never seen them in person, in general their products seem to be of good quality. There are also planter-specific companies including Hooks & Lattice and Campania International that have some very nice options in this higher price range.
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This top tier is reserved for very, very special locations or for planters you want to pass down to your kids. It probably goes without saying, but if you are seriously considering dropping this kind of money on a planter, be very sure it’s what you want and what will work for many years to come. And that’s not to say that I wouldn’t want everyone of these in a heartbeat. It should come as no surprise that my first place to look for these dream containers is the amazing Branch Studio, the structure design side of Deborah Silver’s business but amazing vintage objects, traditional designs and internationally crafted beauties fall under this category as well.
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  1. If you have Aldi near you, they have some amazing deals on large containers, plant stands, etc., right now. I just bought some 16" planters for $9.99, and they have 20" ones for $16.

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