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A giveaway to help deal with your leaves


Over at The Lettered Cottage they are giving away a leaf blower/vacuum, which is exactly what most of us need these days. They are part of the True Value DIY Blog Squad, which basically means that True Value gave them a $1,000 gift certificate to buy stuff with and then blog about the projects they did with them. They are working on a few projects, but they decided to spend a little of the cash on a giveaway item. Our local True Value store is literally my favorite store on earth (seriously … they have almost everything you could need including a huge selection of rental equipment that we regularly drag home to tackle big projects), mostly because of the nice people who work there (who don’t give you that “Oh, you’re just a dumb girl” look like usually happens when you walk into the big box home stores), so I’m flabbergasted that they didn’t call on me for this program.

OK, flabbergasted is a strong word (but oh so fun to use), and I’m just a DIYer in training, but really … where’s the love?

Anyway, hop on over to The Lettered Cottage and enter to win the leaf blower/vac before your arms fall off from raking.

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