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Practical gifts for real gardeners


I’m thinking about starting my holiday shopping soon. It appears that I’ve been having a bit too much fun planning for next gardening season and forgot about things like Christmas shopping.

If you’re like me and you have, well, all your shopping to do I can at least help out with any gardeners on your list. 

gift ideas for vegetable gardeners

If you have a keen vegetable gardener on your list make a gift basket full of gear they’ll love.

gifts for beginner gardeners

This kit is perfect for a budding gardener who wants to dip their toe into growing from seed.

* Use the Promo code ImpatientGardener15 at Park Seed for 15% off.

gifts for advanced seed starters

Serious seed starters will actually use what might look like otherwise pretty boring gear. This is all high quality gear that they’ll use for years.

books for gRDENERS

Everyone loves a book. Gardeners, I’ve found, really love books. These are some of my favorites.


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(Click on the covers to shop.)

  • American Roots features gardeners from around the U.S. (including me!) who share their distinct style.
  • I refer to Tropical Plants all the time.
  • The Well-Tended Perennial Garden is the book I give to everyone.


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  • Delightful and informational letters shared by friends Beth Chatto and Christopher Lloyd.
  • Need container inspiration? Look no further than Claus Dalby.
  • My only problem with Margaret Roach’s books is that she doesn’t write more of them.


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  • The shade bible.
  • Niki Jabbour’s books are all great but I always go back to this fun offering for new ideas.
  • Lee Reich is a pruning master and he writes in a way that makes it feel like he’s standing next to you telling you where to cut.


I featured lots of my favorite tools as gift ideas on Instagram. Check out my Gifts for Gardeners reels for a few ideas for yourself too. 

8 Responses

  1. I like the black T labels with a silver Sharpie marker also! They don’t ruin my view because they are invisible until I get within a few feet and they sit flush to the ground. I use them to label my perennials so that I remember where they are in the winter.

  2. Great gift Ideas! I have American Roots on my list, I need to add The New Shade Garden. Thank for the suggestions! Happy Holidays!

  3. Thanks Erin – lots of great ideas for ME! Interested in the gardening gloves and can even get them up here in Canada 🇨🇦.
    You suggested your favourite grow light – when I went to the link it showed a bunch of them – could you indicate the brand name please if possible? Thanks.

  4. There are some great ideas on here. I want this one and that one and that one and that one!
    I’m intrigued by the serrations on the folding garden knife. I’ve been drooling over an Opinel curved blade folding pruning knife, which does not have a serrated blade, but the curve is similar to my favorite multi-use tool–the cheap ol’ wood-handled, curved-balde Irwin linoleum cutter.
    Decisions, decisions!

    1. I think you will like the serrated blade on the folding knife. I have a Corona folding knife that I have used for many years to saw through branches!

  5. These are wonderful gift ideas. I’ve used those gloves the last few years and love them! They last really well, even with the abuse I give them. They last for a long time. Some of those books might just be the gifts I give myself this year!

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