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After several weekends in a row with snow, we finally have a favorable gardening forecast for the weekend. I’m looking forward to getting a serious amount of dirt under my fingernails and checking a lot of gardening to-dos off the list. Some of the seedlings I’ve been growing inside are going to have to be moved outside to the temporary greenhouse because I’m rapidly running out of room inside and the plants are not happy being there.

All of this weekend talk can only mean one thing: It’s Friday Finds time.

I have such mixed feelings about wallpaper. I love it when I see it in other people’s houses, but I worry about the level of commitment it requires. Here’s a great roundup of temporary wallpapers, which could be just the thing to scratch that wallpaper itch for the commitment phobic.

I can’t think of anything sweeter smelling or more romantic than walking through a sweet pea arch.

New House New Home photo

These mason bee houses are so cute and so simple to create, I can’t imagine why every kid in the world isn’t making one at school. Guess we’ll just have to do it at home!

Here’s a great guide to forcing branches indoors. My problem is I don’t have access to flowering shrubs or trees that I’m willing to steal a branch from.

Sand & Sisal photo

I love these burlap chargers that Kim made with chargers from the thrift store! This is the kind of thing that I just love and never in a million years would I think of myself.

What’s on your schedule for the weekend?

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  1. Moved some small trees and shrubs and caged things. It is killer hot here. All the spring ephemerals are opening and unless it cools down they won't last more than a couple of days. Seems ungrateful to complain about it being too hot but 74 degrees at 11 am in April is not really my thing.

  2. Thanks for featuring my bee house, Erin. This is such an important subject and I think your idea of kids creating them at school is wonderful. If every child made one for their garden, just imagine the impact!!

    What's on our agenda this weekend??? GARDENING!!! FINALLY!!!!

  3. I am hoping to squeeze some gardening in as well, though more things keep getting added to the schedule. If I can get just a couple of hours to prepare and till one of my flowerbeds, I would call it good at that!

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