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It’s the first  Friday Finds of the year, but first a quick update on what’s happening in the back room / office (I really need to just figure out a name for that room and call it that once and for all). Drywall is up, including on the ceiling, which was a surprise to me. Since we’re putting wood planks up, and since we discovered a stained plywood ceiling up there, I figured the planks would go right on top of that. But apparently there has to be a fire barrier and I guess drywall fits that bill.

They are also fixing the damaged drywall around our chimney so the living room has been rearranged and full of ladders all week. All of that gives the house a very “under renovation” feel that seems to be bringing some issues to the surface. I’m starting to think that Mr. Much More Patient has PTSD from our big renovation because he can’t wait for this to be over and really this is small potatoes compared to what we’ve done in the past.

What I know for sure is that it will all be worth in the end. It always is. If you want to see more as this progresses, follow me on Instagram, where I’m pretty much putting up at least one picture a day that shows what’s happening.

That’s what’s happening in my house … here’s some things happening in places that are presumably much less dusty.

This story from Erin from Floret Flower Farm (the gardening blogosphere’s latest, greatest success story) about how she realized that SHE was her own brand is fascinating and it spurred all kinds of ideas for things we should probably be doing differently at work (and a few things for the blog).

Great advice on seed shopping. Add it to the list of things I need to get going on.

One of the things I love about the end is everyone’s top posts lists and years in review. Taking a look at what is popular on Margaret Roach’s blog is sort of a bellweather of what’s happening in the gardening world.

I also liked Hooked on Houses top renovations of the year.

And Grow a Good Life had a great year-end round up as well.

You’re going to be hearing a lot from me on seed starting soon, so brush up on your grow light knowledge here.

The weekend plans at my house depend entirely on how far things have gotten by the end of the day. With luck I’ll be painting the wood planks for the ceiling and maybe a door or two. What are you up to?

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