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Friday Finds


It’s a difficult time of year for this gardener. Social media is full of the first signs of spring for gardeners living in other areas, but the closest we’ve come to that is a lot of rain. I lamented this in a post recently and need to take my own advice: Be patient. But I’ll tell you, the struggle is real.

Last weekend I finished up the runner on the stairs and it’s looking great. It’s nice when a project that’s been in the works for a year comes together. I’ll show you full details on that when I get a chance to shoot some photos.

Are you into Instagram stories (the little videos you can flip through from people you follow)? I admit I enjoy them but I don’t do them as much as I probably should. I did, however, do one with some beautiful flower wallpapers for your phone that you can find in my archived stories

Joanna Gaines garden
HGTV photo

Did you see Joanna Gaines garden project? Of course it’s adorable and she built the most amazing little building (definitely not a shed) at the end of it. I’m a little miffed at her because there are some elements that I have been planning on incorporating into my own vegetable garden project and now everyone is going to think I’m copying her.

I enjoy Margaret Roach’s A Way to Garden podcast, but I especially like the Q&As she does with Ken Druse. Good info in the latest episode

This house makes me feel so springy. I bet I’d be in a better mood in that house. Looking at these photos makes me want to put botanical wallpaper everywhere. Which is why I try not to make decorating decisions in one season, because I’m so influenced by the weather.

That’s it from here. I’m going to be doing a little garden tool cleaning this weekend (because once again they went into the shed dirty for winter), and a lot of dog grooming. They are both going down to their breeder for a “real” trim on the weekend so they need to be squeaky clean and combed out, which takes about a day. I love Newfoundlands, but grooming them can be tasking.

What are you up to this weekend?


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  1. I have been feeling a bit of garden envy too as I see pics from southern gardeners popping up. Then I saw a post from someone who mentioned how bad the mosquitos are already in her yard. In February. There are still some things to be thankful for here in the north country.

  2. Ken Druse’s garden is shown in a number of his books. Every book is great and full of info and terrific pix. It is gray and going to rain here and we are both sick, so a blah weekend here. I have a lot of pix of botanical wallpaper, inc. some giant floral blowups but I don’t think I will go beyond dreaming. Loved the dark blue bathroom and the living room. That acid grren kept it from being sweet.

  3. Oh I so hear you. We are in the middle of a blizzard, so far another 3-4 inches on top of what we had (snow.). I ordered more seeds today as a remedy. I’m not sure it’s helping yet, but when they show up, I’m certain spring will be right there with them. Isn’t that right? Have you seen mother of pearl poppies? I think they are just beautiful so decided I need to try growing some. ?

  4. I didn’t know about the Gaines’s garden project. When you have 40 acres, $$ and a crew it should turn out right. I would like to see the show but it said it was Feb 13. Maybe it is on youtube.
    I also like Margaret Roach’s pod casts. I listen every weekend. Ken is funny and I love his garden. I have only seen a few pictures. I would love to do a tour of both Margaret’s and Ken’s gardens. She opens her a couple of times per year but I will probably never get there.
    I can’t wait to see your project photos. Maybe I would get inspired to do something to my house.
    Don’t you hate to see a garden project that you have just completed in a magazine or on someone elses post. It sometimes makes me wonder if I ever have an original thought.

  5. Filling the house with early blooming daffodils, forcing some hyacinth bulbs and gradually changing over to spring decor. Also continuing to do pruning and clean up of gardens while the weather continues to be mild. Also am planing an April visit to Charleston to see their beautiful gardens. Just got a new car so perfect time for a road trip ! Also am a big fan of Margaret Roach and have followed her since she was with Martha Stewart and Ken Druse books are favorites of mine. Love both of their container planter ideas and have copied several.

  6. I would love a Margaret and Ken only show. I love when they are on together. I just read his “The New Shade Garden” book and loved it. I also miss his podcast and sometimes will take a dive into his archives, even it means relistening to an episode.

    Man, would love to have Joanna Gaines’ $$ to build something like that.

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