I can procrastinate with the best of them, but we are really at the last minute for gift shopping if you plan to order anything. This is where that Amazon Prime membership really comes in handy. If you don't have a Prime membership now is certainly the time to get on that. There's a link at the bottom for a $3 30-day trial and everything I'm linking here is free shipping if you're a Prime member so trust me, the math works out. (And that is the last time I'll ask you to trust me when it comes to math.)

As of this posting, everything in this gift guide is available for free shipping to arrive before Christmas, but don't wait because things sell out and snowstorms screw up shipping! I own almost everything on this gift list and I've only chosen the things that I really love and I know your friends and family will too.

Some affiliate links have been used. Thank you for supporting this blog! 

1. Epicurean cutting board set: If you love wood cutting boards but you want to sanitize your boards in the dishwasher this is the only way to go. These are the only cutting boards I use and I have them in four different sizes. I also love my Epicurean "wood" spoon for the same reason: I'm all about the dishwasher. This set has three boards and two utensils. Every person I've told about Epicurean swears by them now.

2. Dremel tool kit: Every guy and DIYer needs a Dremel tool. I use ours for stuff you can't even imagine. To be honest the thing I use it most for is doing the dog's nails. Nothing does it better. I use a 60-grit sanding cylinder and use light taps rather than a lot of pressure on the nail, in case you were curious. Anyway, this gift has the tool + gadget thing going for it and everyone loves that.

3. Compost thermometer: This really helps with compost. And few moments have matched the excitement I felt when I got my pile up to 140 degrees!

4. Bahco pruners: You know I'm a fan of Bahco pruners. I like the small size and I have two pairs because I'm always misplacing one and they are affordable enough to keep a spare around.

5. Wood puzzle set: Mr. Much More Patient loves puzzles like this and I got him these a few years ago. Even adults like to have something to "play" with on Christmas. We leave these on the coffee table and invariably people pick them up within minutes of spotting them.

6. Copper pepper mill: Everyone needs a really good pepper mill and you'll probably only need one or two in your lifetime so buy a good one. My mother-in-law gave us a brass pepper mill like this (available here) but copper is so of the moment. They develop a lovely patina and more importantly, they grind pepper really well. I love this as a gift idea.

7. Smartwool socks: The only socks I wear in winter are Smartwools. Some of my pairs are several years old and getting a bit thin in the heel but they still work great. I love the phD style. They are expensive for a pair of socks but they really are so much better than any others I've tried.

8. Marble mortar and pestle: I don't have this but I almost bought one just like it for much, much more. I think it's handy and pretty enough to be left on the counter and the price is fantastic.

9. Le Creuset cast iron saute pan: A few years ago, after reading some terrible stories about what Teflon coating can do, I switched to using cast iron pans almost exclusively. I still have a couple of coated pans I use for eggs and things where you really need it, but otherwise I cook in this pan. Another item that will last a lifetime.

10. Buffalo check throw: There is a law in blogland that every gift guide must have one item of buffalo check. So I'm fulfilling my obligation with this beautiful throw. I think throws are the best gifts because everyone can use many of them.

11. Mini greenhouse: Before I got a bigger walk-in temporary greenhouse I used this small one that is perfect for hardening off seedlings and plants in spring. Best of all it takes up hardly any space when stored.

12. Atlas gardening gloves: This is the single best stocking stuffer there is for gardeners. Share the love with all your gardening pals or give the entire six-pack to one lucky gardener. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this one.

13. Insta-pot: The whole world is raving about these pressure cookers. Eric from GardenFork just got one and I'm sure he'll be sharing recipes. 

Here's that $3 30-day Prime deal I mentioned:

If you're still shopping, check out my other gift guides, many of which contain items you can still pick up in time. Good luck, procrastinators! 

OK, time to fess up: Have you finished your shopping? I have four more white-elephant type gifts to pick up but then I'm finished. 


  1. Love Atlas gloves. We have a brass pepper grinder and it is a pleasure to use.

  2. EVERY TIME you do posts like these I spend money.... My credit card loves you!!


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