If you've been following the renovation of our downstairs bathroom through the One Room Challenge, you probably came here today expecting to see the final product. And I'm here to tell you that you just have to sit tight.

I've never been a great "finisher" and that really came out in this project as I was frantically finishing the roman blind I made last night and trying to put on the drawer pulls, and managing to drill a hole through my beautiful drawer IN THE WRONG PLACE!

So that's when I realized that rather than rush this, I better do it right and not mess up anything else. I hope to get the final post up late tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek. Please check back later. Thanks!


  1. Take a deep breath. You are doing great. All looks fabulous so far. I am sure it will come together.

  2. Love the fabric. None of us mind if you are on "time" or not.

  3. Looks fab! I'll keep my eyes out for a Carrara piece. We're not that far apart and we have several huge m&g sellers/fabricators here. How big is the vanity?


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