Before we jump into some great Friday Finds, a quick update on bathroom renovation planning progress (for the downstairs bathroom renovation that may or may not happen this winter). I have now found two accent tiles that have been perfect ... until I ordered them and they were discontinued. I can only assume that the universe has some amazing accent tile sitting out there waiting for me to find. If I get all the pieces pulled together, at some point I'll show you a mood board of what I'm thinking but so far it exists only in my head (or dreams).

Onto the good stuff.

You saw my review of the Troy-Bilt TB60044 Straight Shaft String Trimmer and the fantastic Trimmerplus attachements, now check out what Eric thinks about it (consider it another opportunity to see his cute dogs too). And while you're at it, enter to win a copy of The Practical Pyromaniac (certainly one of the best how-to book titles ever) from Eric as well.

Having read so many horror stories about paint sprayers I've been resistant to buying one, but seeing the difference between the brushed finish and the sprayed finish here had me forwarding the link to this recommended sprayer to Mr. Much More Patient as a Christmas gift idea before you could say, "It's not even Thanksgiving yet."

I thought that perhaps my greenhouse obsession of this summer might pass, but it's only getting worse and pictures like this are not helping.

I warn you, do not click on this link until you have a lot of time, because this blog is a rabbithole of amazingness that I lost half a day to last weekend. Also, good info on mixing and matching pillows.

Here's a good rundown of great gray paint colors. Other than the trauma with the garage color, I find grays easier to pick than whites or navy, but any paint color selection feels like a leap of faith.

I love seeing expensive rooms recreated for less so I check out this site often. Speaking of this room, there is a neat bed in it. I have never had a full bed, just a headboard. Am I missing out on something? I feel like beds must be nicer looking because you don't have to deal with a bedskirt. Talk to me people, I'm curious.

That's it, gang. Have a great weekend. I'm not sure what's on the agenda for the weekend, but at least I can safely say it won't be cleaning the fireplace.


  1. I have a Wagner sprayer and I love it. I think if you keep them meticulously clean and not try to leave them for an hour or whatever and resume, they're not too bad. I rarely use it because it's annoying. But good for a big project.

  2. I have a Wagner sprayer too. I've only used it once because I made such a mess the first time, I'm scared to use it again. lol


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