Yep ... another post today! Truth be told, the today's first post was supposed to run on Wednesday, and then Thursday, but I didn't get back to it until late Thursday night.

Anyway, it's time for some Friday Finds.

The complete guide to shiplap. Because as I told you, there is going to be some serious shiplap happening in my basement this winter.

New House New Home photo

I love Heather's cork memo board. It occurs to me that if saved every cork from every bottle of wine we've consumed, I could have covered the basement walls in cork. Probably would have served as great insulation!

I'm definitely going to try kale pesto. Yum.

Loi does fall perfectly. Toned down and fresh. I'm not a wreath person except during the winter holidays, but I love his fall wreath).

This is a pretty great kitchen. When we redid ours, I'll never forget how amazing it was when we took the cabinets off the wall to replace them, but I knew our kitchen was way too small to skip the uppers (plus I would have wanted to rip out an entire wall and add windows, which would have change the look of the house from the outside in a not-great way).

What's on your agenda this weekend? I'm due to get my new phone any second now (I have been checking the tracking on it all day waiting for it to say "Delivered") so I think my goal for the weekend will be to still have an intact phone come Monday. My Instagram account is about to see some serious action!


  1. Erin honey you shouldn't drink and blog. You accidentally endorsed kale pesto!

  2. Thanks for the links -- I have been saving our wine corks for about a year now in the kids' craft room, so maybe I'll have to make a project like the board if the kids don't use them. Good luck with your basement! -Beth

  3. Thanks for featuring my cork board project, Erin. I've started another collection of wine corks, so there will be another ready soon. lol
    And I'm going to try that kale pesto recipe - I have so much kale in the garden this year and can only have so many green smoothies.


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