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The first day of autumn was this week. This depresses me more than it should, and facing winter gets more difficult with each passing year. However, I’m making a concerted effort to be a more positive person, so I give you my list of things to look forward to in fall.

Acer japonicum ‘Acontifolium’ at its peak color.

1. The world, especially the tiny bit I inhabit, truly is stunningly beautiful in autumn. Ablaze in gold, crimson and orange against a dark blue sky, even a true summer lover like myself can admit it might not ever be more beautiful than when the trees are at their peak color.

Give it a few months and those chopped up leaves with be garden goodness.

2. Leaf mold. Those beautiful leaves only last for a few weeks, but after that they become the key ingredient of my favorite garden amendments.

A bit of inspiration for the DIY basement project I’m hoping to take when the weather gets colder and the garden is put away.

3. It’s a good excuse to come inside to work on projects and not feel guilty about missing precious outdoor time. And we can go back to seeing movies for the same reason. Here in the north, no one wastes a day doing anything inside that they don’t have to from about June through October because summer weather is just too fleeting.

4. Relarning how to cook. I forget how to cook every summer because it’s very easy to just throw together goodies from the garden with some olive oil and balsamic.

5. Football. I love my Badgers and my Packers but I can’t really get into football until the leaves are crunching under my feet and a pot of chili is on the stove.

How do you feel about autumn?

4 Responses

  1. I love autumn and winter. You may know I am literally (not like omg totes figuratively "literally", like in true definition–literally) obsessed with the holidays. So autumn, for me, is when the holiday work reaches top speed. It's so funny because I have a crazy holiday energy reserve where I can stay up all night glittering pine cones or making a croquembouche, when I usually go to bed around 11. Now I hate January because I hate how pissy everyone is and all the mud with the January thaw. But I generally like February with the barrage of snow. My resolution last year was to be more positive and I think it was a great thing for me. Just trying to edit my outlook in real time turned out to really make a difference. My resolution this year should be to get married, but I'm thinking just another dog and embracing spinsterdom.

  2. Autumn truly is my favourite time of year. But it does get harder to enjoy it each year knowing what follows.
    I do find that the nesting instinct takes over in the fall though – more thoughts of projects indoors, more cooking, more time to finish those knitting projects.
    And of course, the beauty of living in Canada at this time of year is unsurpassed. The leaves are just starting to turn, getting ready for one final show.

  3. Agree, on all counts. Especially #5. I was lamenting that the season opener was against the Bears because it didn't _feel_ like football yet. 🙂 Who wants to watch TV when you can be outside?

  4. I like #4. I hadn't thought about that but one does eat more fresh and grilled during summer. None of those thick casseroles and stews.
    I love fall. It is a relief from the heat and drought conditions of summer. This year the heat and drought is flowing into autumn tho. Looking forward to cooler temps and rain.
    Football is always appreciated. Go Colts (even tho they look pitaful right now.)

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