It's a rare Saturday blog post! I figured I owed you a little something with my sporadic posting over the past few weeks.

The garden is finally coming alive, and although there isn't a lot of things flowering just yet, it is a lovely combination of greens and almost everything is still looking fresh and new.

I'll show you more of the what's happening in the garden soon, but in the meantime, I ran across two beautiful color moments that couldn't be more different.

The first is at the base of the side stairs off the deck, where lady's mantle and nepeta have intermingled in one of my favorite color combinations: blue and chartreuse.

lady's mantle and nepeta comingling

The second is on the hot end of the spectrum, where the hot pink and bright cherry red of mandevilla and diascia create a riot of color in the deck planters. I don't usually like a lot of bright colors mixed together, but I went really bright in the white deck planters containers this year and I'm loving the effect.
mandevilla and diascia

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Beautiful color combinations. It is so exciting to get something to come together so good.

  2. Two fantastic colour combinations. I'm especially partial to the chartreuse of the lady's mantle with the nepeta!!


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