Friday Finds is coming later but first I wanted to share an update with you.

Remember the bulb container I planted in fall? I kept it in the (unheated) garage all winter and brought it out maybe six weeks ago or so, putting it in a warm and sunny spot on the patio. And for a time there was a lot of progress. Plants were popping up (interestingly I think some tulips were coming up which were supposed to late-blooming tulips and the last thing to emerge) and I was looking forward to a big, colorful show.

Poor little bulb leaves nibbled by critters.

And then I came out one morning and the whole thing had been nibbled down. I guess even things in pots on the patio are no longer safe. One of these days I'm going to learn and just protect everything from the deer herd, but for some reason that's a lesson I need to learn every year.

Other bulbs should emerge from the container (although I wish they would hurry up, I was expecting blooms by now) and I'm going to move it up onto the deck, where presumably the deer won't go, although at this point I guess I wouldn't be surprised to see them standing in my kitchen looking in the fridge.

There is lots of spring to come. The first daffodils in the yard just bloomed this week, a welcome sight that is a harbinger of the color in the making.

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