Ever since our first dog was a puppy, we've done a personalized holiday card featuring the dogs. Sadly I can't find that card anymore, but last  year I showed you many of our previous cards (and this one).

This was the first time in 11 years that we made a card without Hudson on it, which is sad, but we were able to include him but taking a shot by the tree we planted for him.

Young Odin was quite patient (for all 146 photos that I took), but by the end, he was just done, hence the photos on the back of this year's card.

Happy holidays everyone! I hope to be back later with some more photos from my house, but all of a sudden Christmas Eve got a little crazy.


  1. Love it! I laughed out loud at the doggie commentary.

  2. I love this card! Adorable! I intended to make a card with my puppy this year, but wow did it go fast this year!


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