Some of my favorite blogs do something different than their usual content on Fridays. One of my favorite takes on this is what some bloggers call a "Love List." In other words, they just link to a lot of things they are interested in that week and think their readers might be interested in as well. So I thought I'd give it a try. Let me know what you think (or maybe you think we should just get on with getting that darn pergola up on the garage and I should tell you about it).

So here's what I found on the Web this week that I'm loving:

If you're missing Young House Love like I am, here's an interesting NYT story about blog burnout.

There has to be more to garden design than boxwoods, right?

This tutorial on how to remove damaged veneer.

A plaid fence.

I am so in love with this black wall with the colorful art on it. 

As far as plant selection goes, this might be my favorite Deborah Silver garden ever.

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  1. Have to agree about the Deborah Silver garden. Wish I could remember where I just saw an equally good black wall. Read the NYT story and mostly thought that it seemed obvious to me that you can't blog on full house renovations and have kids and a life. duh, why are they so surprised? You know the work it takes to write a magazine piece, let alone photos/layout etc. Just came from dinner under a pergola looking out at Lake Monona with summertime temps. Heavenly, but no plaid walls!!


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