I love gates in gardens. The sense of enclosure that they bring is so charming. I love gates that give you just a peek of what lies beyond or ones that frame a view perfectly.

Here are some great garden gates.

Until I started looking for gates, I had no idea there was something called a moongate. But there is, and they are fantastic.

Maybe I'm a traditionalist, but there is something pretty great about a nice simple gate too.

What's your favorite style of garden gate? Do you have one in your garden?


  1. We have a little gate by the woodland garden that the previous owners put in, but it is a simple black metal one with an arch over the top. I was just swooning over the ones you featured though!!! Hmmm...how could I convince hubby we need a stone wall with an ornate gate in it??? : )

  2. I like your last photo, but I'm a sucker for white picket fences and daisies. The others were pretty fancy.

  3. My favourite gate always includes an arbor. I love how the addition of an arbor frames the view and allows for plant material to grow around it. I have two in my garden, one covered in "sweet autumn" clematis.

  4. I love love garden gates, especially metal ones. I've photographed them in Paris, Charleston and Savannah…and then we found the perfect one for our own house a few years ago:
    Couldn't be happier!!

  5. We will (that is, Mark will) be building a gate this spring. Had a new fence put in last Fall and they added the gate posts but hubby is designing the short wall and gate between the fence and garage. Had him check out this post!


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