What is the sound of spring springing? Sprong?

Funny how spring goes. One day you're belly-aching about the horrible weather and wishing you could  do more in the garden and then the next day you turn around and the garden has come alive, bringing with it all the good (flowers!) and bad (weeds!) bits.

Silly me, I was feeling pretty good after two weekends of garden cleanup. I had raked out most of the leaves, cut back any perennials that weren't dealt with in fall or late winter and spot weeded as necessary. The next step was to top dress everything with a nice layer of compost, a pile of which is waiting for me by the veggie garden.

And then last night as we were re-hanging bird feeders (which were displaced when we removed some trees), I looked around and saw that somewhere along the line, the garden had sprung to life. More daffodils had opened. Perennials are sending up shoots out of the ground. Spring ephemerals are popping up everywhere.

And the weeds. Oh my, the weeks. Dandelions the size of dinner plates are appearing overnight in the garden. I SWEAR they were not there on Sunday because certainly I would have pulled them. The first round of garlic mustard weed is threatening to flower already. I just want to tell the whole garden to just wait a cotton-pickin' second for me to catch up a little!

Instead of dealing with any of it last night though, I grabbed the camera to get a few "golden hour" shots of just what is happening.

The Virginia bluebells are thinking about flowering.

Bloodroot, one of my favorite spring ephemerals is popping up. I love everything about this plant. The leaf shape is amazing, the white flower is gorgeous and of course there are those red stems.

Is there a flower that is happier than a daffodil? I think not.

I planted a couple of new plants this weekend, including two Victoriae ferns. Looking at this photo I see that someone has already been taste-testing it on the right side. Seriously, is nothing sacred with deer?


  1. Great minds think alike! Come by for a peek!

  2. isn't it amazing how fast everything is growing these last few days thanks to the glorious weather....I have the same problem with my dandelions too - one day there's nothing and now they're everywhere!! And thanks to our government banning chemical weed killers, they are here to stay. Oh I get it in the big picture, just don't like what it's doing to MY lawn.

    My garden is busting too - muscari, daffodils, tulips, bergena, lily of the valley, lilacs - all in bloom. But I'm envious of your bloodroot - will have to add that to my "must have" list.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Daffodils are such pretty flowers. We've started doing some yard clean-up which will continue through the weekend, so we can start planting in the next week or so.


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